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Çınar Halı was founded in 1935 in Kayseri by Hayrullah Çınar. The Çınars are members of the Ekincioğlu Family whose ancestors can be traced back to the Seljuks. A love of carpet handcraft has been passed from father to son and now Çınar Halı is operated by the Çınar Brothers; Hasan and Mehmet. The company’s trademark handwoven wool and silk kilim and carpets have made it one of the leading names in the Turkish carpet sector. Since its founding day, Çınar Halı has never compromised on its belief in quality. For Çınar Halı, quality is a way of life and every carpet woven by its skilled artists reflects the highest of standards. By combining quality and art; Çınar Halı strives to preserve cultural heritage, moral values, history and Turkish traditions for the coming generations. However, it also hopes to take the Turkish carpet culture to new horizons. Çınar Halı’s exceptional handmade silk and wool carpets have allowed it to surpass its rivals. It is a popular and sought-after brand in Turkey as well as all around the world. In fact, Çınar Halı exports ninety-percent of its products. Çınar Halı has become a huge enterprise; occupying 14.000 m2 of integrated facilities. Within 150 workshops all around Turkey; 5.000 talented weavers are taking part for the production. The Çınar brothers are behind this success. They have devoted themselves fully to their company and with their past and future projects, they honor the fine traditions of the carpet making business. Creative and meticulous employees, as well as high quality materials, play a significant role in the respected position of Çınar Halı today. Çınar Halı’s unique style, which has been developed over the course of seventy-three years, is the favorite of carpet lovers, collectors and architects all over Turkey and the world.

The Most Prestigious Carpet Award was Given to Turkey's Largest Carpet Company

Çınar Halı was given “America's Magnificent Carpet Award 2007” that is held every year in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and it is also considered as the “Carpet Oscars” in the world of carpets. The carpet named “Majestic” which is part of Çınar Carpet’s Sultani Collection has won the “Buyers Choice”. The carpet was completed in a year and a half and has got 3 million 529 thousand hand made double knots.

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